We've all heard calcium builds strong bones and is key to preventing osteoporosis. But did you know osteoporosis affects your oral health as well?

As the National Institutes of Health states,  osteoporosis can weaken your jaw bone, which is the "anchor" of your teeth. If damaged it can loosen and cause teeth to fall out.  Women with osteoporosis are THREE times more likely to loose teeth than women with healthy bones.  

What does this mean for people who already have dentures? It can make it difficult to fit dentures as well as to securely keep them in place.

Effects of Osteoporosis treatment on Oral Health

Bisphosphonates, are a group of medications typically given to patients with osteoporosis. This group has been linked to the development of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), meaning the jaw bone is exposed and begins to weaken and die. Dentists take extra precautions when it comes to patients that are on these type of medications.

What can you do?

Going back to the importance of calcium, there are many foods that can help boost your overall bone health. Remember, osteoporosis affects your oral health as well!



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